Reflection: On the Loss of my Mother

I’d like to start by saying that Allison Kathleen is a personal business and a complete representation of me; creating and evolving everyday. I know it’s not necessary to share my entire life on the internet. But at this time, I’d like my experience of the past few months to live here on my very own website.

Three weeks ago today, my mother passed away.  

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In the “Studio”

I made my last post on March 5th, and a lot has happened since then. The point of this post is to let you know that AK is BACK in action and excited for what’s to come. Let’s dive in:

So where have I been?

Sometimes you get all these crazy awesome ideas, inspiration is flowing non-stop, and projects are hitting your email left and right.  

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Reflection: Create every day

I’ve definitely been in bed since Monday with the stomach bug. Fortunately, I got out of bed today and didn’t feel like I was going to fall over. Today is a day to celebrate feeling well AND 3 years in business AND I’ll be 28 tomorrow!

Every year the dork in me recalls the morning I pressed publish on my first wordpress site and facebook page.

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Moodboard 5: Krista and Joe

I’m delighted to share the moodboard for one of my best friend’s wedding that is HAPPENING this weekend in a BLIZZARD! YES. I cannot believe how quickly time passed since she called to say she was engaged. We almost immediately started gathering images. Together, we really nailed the design for all of her invites and paper details. I have to say it is one of the prettiest designs I’ve ever created!

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Reflection: On the year 2014

Forgive me for being over a month late to reflect on the last year. If you were interested in the dorky things I do in my planner, you’d see a full January with ideas for posts 4 times a week. Well guess what, that never happened. Life happened! Family comes before my website. I would skip over this whole post, but since this domain is mine and I’ll probably keep it forever, this is a good place to be able to look back and see my growth as a person and a business.

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